Tired after my long walk

A few weeks ago I got a Fitbit Force — one of those fancy-pants pedometers that helps you meet your daily walking goals. This has been nearly impossible because of the weather. Excuses, excuses — to an extent — but it really has been a rough winter.

Generally, I’ve been walking a bit more than usual because of my new device; however, I’m not yet in the habit of wearing it every single day. I forget to put it on after my shower..

Tonight, my phone alerted me that I had walked 50 miles since I got my Fitbit! I only pay slight attention to my daily steps, and wasn’t thinking about how they were adding up to actual miles. I was strangely excited about my achievement, like I had won a prize or gotten an A on a pop quiz after being absent all week. .

I’m laughing at myself because — how could I not know? How could I be surprised? I guess it’s unusual for me to not become obsessive with my “data.” I tend to analyze and overthink most things; this time, I just let the Fitbit be a casual part of my life. I am trying to figure out if I’d have been better off pushing myself to meet my daily goals. Yes, I would have reached my fifty miles sooner; however, I don’t know if I would have been as excited when I arrived. There’s something to be said for surprising yourself. I’m glad I can still do it from time to time.  



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