Guess who saved the day!

I had a crummy morning. Nothing unique or dramatic or actually bad. Just basic human grump. You know how it is. You have your version of tired/cold/don’t wanna leave your pajamas behind/wanna stay in bed and read/want the sun to come out/nobody better yap at me/wanna buy a plane ticket and get outta here/gimme some potato chips. You think maybe a new purse or sunglasses will cheer you up. Or a nap. Or perhaps an afternoon alone in a movie theater. Or ice cream in a cone. You get where I’m going with this.

I halfheartedly grumbled my way through some of the Things I Had to Do. Decided to let the non-essentials slide. Maybe ’til tomorrow, maybe ’til forever.

I needed to pick up some milk and remembered the dairy I’ve been meaning to visit.

Then this happened:

ImageA goat stuck her tongue out at me.

And then I pulled out my phone, and she did it again.

And all was right with my day.

Yes, I am that fickle, and grateful that I am.


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