How much courage is needed?

One of my goals is to read (at least) one book about the craft of writing every month in 2014. Today I plucked Jeff Heffron’s The Writer’s Idea Book off the library shelf. I don’t know anything about the book or Heffron, but I appreciate this part of his introduction:

Writing, therefore, is also an act of courage. How much easier is it to lead an unexamined life than to confront yourself on the page? How much easier is it to surrender to materialism or cynicism or to a hundred other ways of life that are, in fact, ways to hide from life and from our fears? When we write, we resist the facile seduction of these simpler roads. We insist on finding out and declaring these truths that we find, and we dare to put those truths on the page. 

As a non-confrontational person, this really struck a chord. I’m also considering the amount of courage I have vs. what I need; I’m not quite where I want to be on that front, either. 


One thought on “How much courage is needed?

  1. This strikes a chord with me, too, though perhaps for different reasons. Last year I attempted my first novel-length piece of fiction – and it was a flop! Gee I was disappointed. The words didn’t flow freely; I *could* write some great passages, but usually these took a lot of polishing before they were up to scratch. It dawned on me that my, if you like, “courageous truth” – the stuff that I needed to be writing about at this stage of my life – was non-fiction.
    So apart from some mental health stuff, I’m also going to attempt a fairly major piece of non-fiction this year. Oops, it’s almost the end of January 🙂 Better get cracking! [January is the summer holiday month here in Australia, so not much gets done.]
    Good luck with finding and following your “courageous truth”.

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