Emily Dickinson: A Haiku

ImageMetaphor mistress,

Amherst scribe. Heard a fly buzz,

penned poems, died. (Perhaps*.)

Another biographical haiku was inspired by Rob Ross of Rob’s Surf Report

*We know little of the realities of Emily Dickinson’s life, yet assume so much.

6 thoughts on “Emily Dickinson: A Haiku

  1. I like it. I enjoyed once a poem that went, “because I could not stop for death / he kindly stopped for me”. I wrote a thesis for that poem, now I can’t remember what that thesis was, but I remember how I was reciting the poem over and over, and then I began singing it to the tune of “Yellow Rose of Texas”. That’s when I realized I was really enjoying Emily Dickinson.

    • Yes, there was definitely something tongue-in-cheek about my haiku; I think it’s amusing how much people project onto Dickinson, and wanted to reflect that. Thanks again for reading!

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