Sometimes the answer is “I don’t know.”

Today we took another walk. 

I used to think this field was nothing. All I knew were city streets and hubbub. Empty space made no sense. Now I know better: this is where something will grow. The something is corn. The nothing is a placeholder. All I had to do was wait and watch. This is easier said than done.ImageI do not know what this is. It appears to be a very small underground house. I assume it has a purpose, but I cannot be certain. Perhaps someone will tell me. Maybe I will never know. No matter; it is lovely, its own fairytale. It keeps me wondering.ImageThe curious alpaca herd moved slowly toward the fence. Big Dog didn’t care and tugged at his leash. I wanted to see what these strange creatures would do. One curious guy (or gal) hopped onto a big pile of dirt. The better to see us. He was almost all black with a somber white face. He also had a white spot on his chest. “Hi Oreo,” I blurted out, compelled to name him. Oreo didn’t seem to mind; he let out a high-pitched: “Fweek! Fweek! Fweek!” I took the sound to be a greeting, and fweeked right back. He was not impressed. We stared at each other. The moment passed. It was time to go back to the known. Image The dog and I started toward home.


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