Mid-Month Review

Here we are, halfway through the month of January, aka “Month of Improved and Easy New Starts.” According to popular wisdom, we are all done with our delusional resolutions by now, and have gone back to eating Oreos and smoking lard-filled cigarettes while dramatically not exercising. “Not exercising” basically means “sitting,” but that doesn’t sound as dire. 

First, the good news: I have written something every day this year (including daily blog posts right here). That is a huge change, and yay for me. 

I also wanted to read a book every week and I have done that. (Yay again.)

The bad news? I haven’t done a great job working on my other writing goals (working on new essays, and revising and submitting old ones).

I don’t want to whine or complain or engage in too much self-deprecation. Just giving myself a tiny little public tap on the wrist. No need for anything resembling a slap! However, I’m spending tonight thinking and writing about what I have and have not been doing and why and how to make some changes to get myself on track to meet my goals. Because mid-January becomes February becomes June becomes October and…why haven’t I accomplished ANYTHING? I don’t want to find myself there this year. 

Hope everyone is doing well meeting their writing goals! Happy Mid-January!


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