Sunday — simple and short.

In an effort at horizon-expanding, I signed myself up for a jewelry-making class, which is starting this week. I haven’t attempted a “new” skill for a few years  (my last endeavor was pottery — a flop and a half). I’m really looking forward to this challenge. 

The trap into which I fall when I learn something new has two parts: perfectionism and impatience. I have a vivid picture in my brain of the gorgeous, complicated jewelry I’d love to make (and wear) and I understand this fantasy is not coming true any time soon. So, I’m giving myself a “turn it down a notch” talking-to: “Just learn the basics and get fancy later.”

I am also reminding myself that this can be a fun experience if I let it — and also feeling a little sad that I have to basically talk myself into having a good time.

Slow flu recovery, cloudy January days, and lingering Christmas decorations (just a few!) are kind of wearing me out. I am ready for some sun, not being exhausted, and a change of pace. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


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